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VezLar / MetalSafe B-300

Anticorrosive metal protection of high-quality



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VezLar (MetalSafe B-300) anticorrosive metal protection

Liquid Rubber VezLar® is a coating specially developed for a unique anticorrosive protection of a number of surfaces. VezLar® provides chemical protection and durability of the flexible instant solidification membrane, does not crack, stale and stratify.

Liquid Rubber VezLar® is used to protect metal surfaces affected by water and chemically aggressive substance. Range of application turns on tanks for storage and operation, pipes and similar structures, at mineral, mining and processing industries, fertilizer plants, water treatment plants, desalination plants, chemical processing equipment, pulp mills and power plants.

Liquid Rubber VezLar® is an environmentally friendly and safe, alternative to hot-melt and based on urethane or solvents materials. VezLar® is not exposed to a number of acids, alkalis and salts. In distinction of many other protective coatings, VezLar® can be applied directly to a slightly rusty metal.

Applying VezLar

Applying VezLar®

Liquid Rubber VezLar® is an instant solidification coating which is applied in combination with a solution of inorganic salt as a two-component system using specially developed airless spraying equipment. Both components of this system are water-based and environmentally friendly.

Liquid Rubber VezLar® can be applied to a slightly rusty metal. It saves time and costs for cleaning the surface to pure metal. Before applying, the surface should be treated with a water jet or a sandblaster, also the surface should be cleaned of dirt, debris, oils and grease. The product should not be applied at the temperatures below + 5°C or if the rain is expected within 24 hours after applying. VezLar®, applied to the inner surface of the tank, dries better at controlled humidity, and a portable desiccant may be required to facilitate the solidification process.

Liquid Rubber VezLar® is applied within 0.7 – 2.5 l/m2 depending on the desired thickness of the membrane. To gain better result, apply it by a few thin layers to achieve the required thickness of the coating. VezLar® becomes dry to the touch in one minute and reaches full solidification within 48 hours. The product reaches its final characteristics in 7 days. Applying VezLar® to the inner surface of the tank, wait at least 7 days prior to commissioning.

Storage and transportation of VezLar®

Various capacities are used for the storage and transportation of our products, which are available in our assortment. Euro-cubes and barrels of various volumes allow product protecting reliably.

Storage and transportation of DacLar

Only for industrial use. Keep away from children. Avoid storage at temperatures below + 5°C. Please, study the passport of technical safety of Liquid Rubber VezLar® before use.


“DEM Company” actively develops channel and partner network in Belarus, Russia and the CIS countries. We supply our liquid rubber to Canada, Europe and the countries of the Middle East. Contact us to discuss purchase and delivery possibilities. We offer any our products’ volumes from 20 kg to 20 tons.

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Scope of application

Liquid Rubber Belarus presents an innovative technology of a seamless membrane system on the construction market. We produce high-quality waterproofing, anticorrosive, environmentally friendly water-based coatings (one- and two-components). Possessing unique properties, the materials of Liquid Rubber Belarus can be applied in various spheres.









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PPTUE “DEM Company” is an exclusive manufacturer of liquid rubber on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Liquid Rubber presents advanced technology of seamless membrane system in the construction market.


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