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Republic of Belarus,
210024 г. city. Vitebsk,
street. Budennogo, 11

Institute of Technical Acoustics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Waterproofing rubber membrane system Liquid Rubber®



Roof repair by seamless Liquid Rubber membrane

Briefly about the object

Liquid Rubber World successfully works for more than fifteen years in the construction market, specializing in waterproofing works with the innovative technology of seamless membrane system Liquid Rubber®. We emphasize that we bear full responsibility for the carrying-out works, guaranteeing high quality and timeliness performance. Our employees take care of the company reputation and strive to perform their work diligently.

We provide services not only in the Republic of Belarus but also in Russia and CIS countries. Our reliability has already been appraised by state-owned and private factories, as well as numerous entrepreneurs. You can see the list of our work performed.

The roof of the building of the Institute of Technical Acoustics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus was previously cleared of contamination. All connections to parapets and utility outlets were treated with Liquid Rubber HighBuild S-200 / Zavlar mastic with reinforcing geotextile tape (“three-layer method”), after which a continuous waterproofing carpet was applied with a two-component bitumen-polymer membrane system Liquid Rubber SealRoof B-200 / Daclar.

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