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Scope of application

Waterproofing rubber membrane system is used in various spheres

Private construction

In private construction, Liquid Rubber World materials can be applied for waterproofing terraces, cellars, for repair and arrangement of pitched and flat roofs, for the arrangement of ponds, in the construction and repair of garages, anticorrosive treatment of any metal surfaces.

Scope of application

Liquid Rubber World materials have appeared quite recently, but have already become popular among private homeowners since they are easy to apply and are very reliable. Materials are made based on emulsified bitumen using polymers, elastomers, as well as various additives to protect from UV radiation and unfavorable weather conditions. Materials have such properties as flexibility, strength and elasticity.

Scope of application

All materials are environmentally friendly, safe for people and the environment with lifetime of at least 25 years.

You only need a brush or a roller to work with the material!


We provide warranty for all works and materials!

Civil engineering

Waterproofing based on innovative technology of seamless membrane system with the use of Liquid Rubber World materials is applied to protect buildings, structures and engineering constructions from penetration and harmful effects of water.

Scope of application

The quality and durability of civil engineering objects directly depend on waterproofing reliability. This system of cold spray application was developed to solve problems that constantly arise using conventional membrane systems and roll coatings. In case of unique properties of Liquid Rubber products, it is used in various spheres.

Industrial engineering

The foundations of industrial premises bear a multitone load from the building erected on it, installed equipment and machines working in the industrial zone. The topic of waterproofing foundation in such conditions is particularly important. Corrosion is the most dangerous type of destruction of metal, concrete and reinforced concrete constructions used in industrial engineering.

Scope of application

Our company specializes in waterproofing works in industrial engineering. We have a full set of auxiliary and basic equipment to perform anticorrosion and waterproofing works.


Liquid Rubber World materials is the newest technology for the implementation of high-quality waterproofing works of any complexity. Naturally, the materials are widely used in the agricultural sphere:

  • processing of irrigational systems;
  • tanks;
  • silo pits;
  • waterproofing of buildings for agricultural products manufacturing;
  • anticorrosive roof coating of fertilizers storage buildings;
  • waterproofing treatment of boxes for growing plants in greenhouses;
  • waterproofing of fish breeding reservoirs, reliable waterproofing of manure storages;
  • protection of premises for large animals from the negative impact of aggressive environments;
  • waterproofing coating enables fast and high quality sanitization.
Scope of application

Liquid rubber – an environmentally friendly material not emitting volatile compounds harmful to human and animal. According to the numerous laboratory data, liquid rubber maintains its operational properties for several decades, even under constant water and sunlight influence, temperature changes and moderate mechanical loads. The material received its name for ability to self-repair after deformations and minor damage, not presented by rolled or PVC coverings.


For hydraulic structures Liquid Rubber World offers modern waterproofing and sealing materials, reliably protecting various objects from aggressive influences and prolong their life period. Destruction of structures occurs under the influence of a number of factors: atmospheric precipitation, weather conditions, water in the upper layers of the soil, dynamic loads, abrasive stale and gas corrosion.

Materials can be applied on:

  • irrigation systems;
  • various tanks, including drinking water tanks;
  • silo pits;
  • sea and river moorings to counteract the fouling by seashells and algae;
  • ships and tankers ballast tanks.
Scope of application

In the range of materials of Liquid Rubber World, there are reliable solutions for restoration and protection of concrete, adapted to specific operating conditions. Thus, waterproof membranes are characterized by increased resistance to aggressive conditions. Our products are resistant to chemicals, mechanical stress in a humid environment.


We use innovative technology of the seamless membrane system Liquid Rubber.


The end cost is 30% less than other conventional technologies.


Products are made using German equipment following the standart of Russlar Manufacturing Inc (Canada).


We provide warranty for our work and materials for up to 10 years!


We have received grateful feedback from a wide range of business representatives for more than eight years: from private entrepreneurs to the large state enterprises. We care about the company reputation and perform our work diligently.


Our company provides not only unique materials, but also new technologies, new installment techniques and technology training. We will gladly answer any questions and give professional advice.