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Puritech / SealRoof P-200

Universal one-component polyurethane mastic



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PuriTech (SealRoof P-200) polyurethane coating

Liquid Rubber SealRoof P-200 / PuriTech® Used for long-term waterproofing of roofs, canopies, balconies (including on old bitumen bases), terraces (including in use), decking for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, concrete buildings, underground structures and tunnels, foundations, car parks , bathrooms (under screed and tiles), to protect metal structures and other surfaces from corrosion, exposure to chemically aggressive environments, rotting and exposure to microorganisms.

Liquid Rubber PuriTech® is a cold-curing liquid mastic with a base of elastic water-repellent polyurethane polymer, cured by air moisture and forming a highly elastic, heavy-duty membrane resistant to UV radiation, precipitation, temperature and chemical loads. The membrane is a covering completely glued to the base. When applied in three layers the predicted service life is 25 years!

Liquid Rubber PuriTech® is applied with a brush, short-haired roller or rubber squeegee. Mechanized application method: airless spraying devices (such as Wagner, Graco) with a working pressure of 200-250 atm. and a nozzle of 0.025″ inches – for application without thinning and 0.021 – 0.023″ inches – when applying thinned material.

Liquid Rubber PuriTech® has the following preferences for the Customer:

✅ High resistance to UV, abrasion and impact

✅ Can be applied to old bitumen substrates, including roll roofing

✅ Complete environmental safety after curing

✅ High mechanical strength and elasticity

✅ Can be applied at sub-zero temperatures

✅ High adhesion to most building substrates

✅ Damaged areas can be easily repaired

How to apply Puritech

How to apply PuriTech®

Preparation of the base surface The surface must be dry, clean and uniform. It is necessary to clean the surface from dust, dirt, paint residues, oil contaminants and loose particles. To improve adhesion to the base, we recommend using a polyurethane primer Liquid Rubber P-Primer. Fixed shrinkage and other cracks and potholes in the base must be repaired and treated with appropriate repair compounds. A mixture of Liquid Rubber P-Primer and dry quartz sand in a ratio of 1:4 can be used as a repair composition..

Liquid Rubber SealRoof P-200 / Puritech is completely ready for use. Immediately before application, mix the mastic with a low-speed mixer or drill with a spiral attachment until a homogeneous mass is formed. Apply mastic in at least 2 layers with interlayer drying for 6-24 hours with a recommended consumption per layer of 0.6-0.8 kg/sq.m. The thickness of one layer should be 0.4-0.7 mm. At higher consumption, the strength characteristics of the coating may decrease. Before applying the next layer, make sure that the previous layer has cured to degree 3 “touch-free”. To reinforce the coating, we recommend using calendered geotextiles with a surface density of 110 g/sq.m or polyester fabrics. At the junctions it is possible to use painting nets and fiberglass fabrics.

Recommendations.  When applied in the cold season, to reduce the viscosity of the mastic, we recommend keeping the mastic for 24 hours at room temperature +(20-25) °C before use. To reduce viscosity, it is allowed to dilute the mastic with xylene in an amount of no more than 7 wt.% for manual application and no more than 15 wt.% for mechanical application. The use of other solvents is PROHIBITED. To create an anti-slip effect, increase wear and abrasion resistance, increase adhesion before laying tiles or subsequent coating, we recommend sprinkling the last layer of mastic with dry fractionated quartz sand. When installing a serviceable surface with light foot traffic, quartz sand must be protected with a polymer finishing varnish.

Storage and transportation of Puritech®

Various capacities are used for the storage and transportation of our products, which are available in our assortment. Pails allow product protecting reliably.

Storage and transportation of Puritech

Only for industrial use. Keep away from children. Avoid storage at temperatures below + 5°C. Please, study the passport of technical safety of Liquid Rubber PuriТech® before use.


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    Liquid Rubber Belarus presents an innovative technology of a seamless membrane system on the construction market. We produce high-quality waterproofing, anticorrosive, environmentally friendly water-based coatings (one- and two-components). Possessing unique properties, the materials of Liquid Rubber Belarus can be applied in various spheres.









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