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ABOUT «Liquid Rubber BELARUS»

New technologies, production and resources

For the last ten years, our company is engaged in waterproofing works with an innovative technology of the seamless membrane system Liquid Rubber®.

The technology and material we use were developed in Canada under the Liquid Rubber® trademark. All materials were exported from Canada from 2014 up to October 2016. During that time, more than 275 000 m2 have been repaired, 96 000 m2 of new roofing coverings have been built. We have collected a vast experience in the technology and materials, from repair and improvement of the old and new roofing coverings to waterproofing the foundations of the buildings during the construction and restoration.

In April 2017 «Liquid Rubber BELARUS» in collaboration with Russlar Manufacturing Inc. and Liquid Rubber (Canada) Group of Companies initiated industrial production of modified bitumen-polymer emulsions and mastics in the Republic of Belarus. About

Products are manufactured on the high-tech German equipment. All materials are certified and approved for use in the Republic of Belarus, Russian Republic and EU countries. About

In 2017 «Liquid Rubber BELARUS» has signed large contracts for export of its materials to Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Belarussian Liquid Rubber materials are included in the register of reliable technical solutions and are used by: SPA “Belorusneft”; FLLC “Lukoil Belarus”; JLLC “Belwest”; RUE “Belmedpreparaty”; OJSC “140 repair factory”; JLLC “Lekpharm”, Belarus, Lagoysk; OJSC “Grodno Tobacco Factory “Neman”, Belarus, Grodno; OJSC “Baku Refinery”; OJSC “Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Manufacture EVRAZ”; JSC “Gazprom oil – Moscow Refinery”; Group of Companies “MORTON” (currently part of PIK GROUP)etc.

«Liquid Rubber BELARUS» is proud of provided quality of the production, technologies,resources and specialists. We treat with care each new project and bring personal approach for every customer. We guarantee the top-quality results!

What is liquid rubber and what are its benefits? A perfectly reasonable question to ask, especially if you are not familiar with this technology. Contact us and we will help with the technology choice and materials, organize the purchase and deliver materials at a convenient time and place.


«Liquid Rubber BELARUS» actively develops channel and partner network in Belarus, Russia and the CIS countries. We supply our liquid rubber to Canada, Europe and the countries of the Middle East. Contact us to discuss purchase and delivery possibilities. We offer any our products’ volumes from 20 kg to 20 tons.

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Our company has more than eight years of experience in the repair and improvement of roofing, waterproofing works such as waterproofing foundations, swimming pools, treatment facilities at the sites of the Republic of Belarus and Russia.


Our company provides not only unique materials, but also new technologies, new installment techniques and technology training. We will gladly answer any questions and give professional advice.